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I have a whole lot of grow equipment for sale. I would really like to hold onto it but I`m in need of cash and I can`t be setting up anytime soon. I have used it for 2 successful grows and all the equipment is running properly, clean and ready for the next grow. I was growing 24 huge plants of Chemdawg x Romulan yielding 3 pounds every two months. I`m just a beginner so I`m sure a pro could do even better. So here is a list of the equipment.
C.A.P. XXXtreme 8″ Air Cooled Hood Light Reflector x2:
$150 each
LUMATEK 1000W Air-Cooled/Dimmable Digital Ballast x2:
$180 each
C.A.P. Maxlume T5 4′ 6 Bulb Fluorescent Lighting Fixture:
C.A.P. Maxlume T5 2′ 2 Bulb Fluorescent Lighting Fixture:
C.A.P. MLC-4XT Master Lighting System:
C.A.P. Co2-4e Co2/Temp/Humidity Controller:
C.A.P. PPM-1c Co2 Monitor:
IDEAL AIR Mini-Split 12000 BTU 13 Seer A/C Unit:
Quest Dehumidifier (Not sure what style because it is in storage but they don`t make it anymore. It is powerful enough to handle a 24 site bubble bucket system in a 10′x10′ room.):
Xtreme Orbital Wall Mount Fan x2:
$30 each
Can-Fan RS 6″ High Output Fan 440CFM:
Can-Fan 8″ Max Fan 675 CFM:
At Least 100 liters of Black Label Expandable Clay Pebbles:
Seedling Heat Mat:
Hydro-Logic Stealth 200 Reverse Osmosis System:
Aluminum 50lb. Co2 Tank:
C.A.P. REG-1 Co2 Regulator:
Super Closet 24 Site Bubble Flow Buckets including:
x2 25 Gallon Reservoirs
x24 Bubble Buckets
x24 10″ large diameter net pots
x2 Eco Series Air Pumps
x2 Eco Series Water Pumps
x24 Air Stones
All clean and ready to go!:
I`ve priced everything close to half of what I paid for them. I would really like to hold onto these things but I`m in need of the cash. If you can take it all at once I will give a nice discount and I will give you some random grow equipment that I find in the storage too. I`ve done all the research on what to buy so now you can have a full operating system. Everything except the walls.
Hit me up if your interested. Thanks

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