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Grow Equipment, Hoods, Ballasts, Fans, Carbon Filter, Bulbs


Everything is a top brand bought locally in town, not cheap knockoff online parts or cheap grow equipment that wont last. All of it is in good to excellent condition, fully functional, and I will clean and sanitize it before you buy.
1x 600w Lowryder sealed reflector with 6" ducts. $60
1x 600w sealed reflector with 6" ducts. $60
1x 6" High CFM Inline fan $80
1x 6" carbon filter $80
1x 600w or 400w electronic Ballast (Lumatek) $40
1x Brand new Nanolux digital Ballast 600w Dimmable $80
1x 600w High end HPS bulb(used 1 round) $40
1x Metal Halide 600w Bulb(used 1 round) $25
1x 400w HPS bulb $15
15x 12" diameter round raised water catchers for grow pots. $10
Take all for $400. If you want the AC I have posted at $300, you can take the whole lot for $600 instead of Paying the full 700. This is a good deal because its all the core components to set up a grow today, all of them are only 3 months old at most, and were just bought locally at Green Coast for over $2,000 in total including the AC. Its not a shabby set up, all you will need is ducting and possibly a dehumidifier depending on your location. I have most of the connectors I will throw in for free, pots, meters, and a few more gadgets. Call or text for more info!
Plus more just inquire!
1x Ideal Air portable AC will cool this whole 1200watt set up perfectly. see ad here:

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