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Grow Equipment. Hydro, lights, dehumidifier, ect.


I`m building a greenhouse and no longer need indoor lighting and equipment. Everything is dusty but it all works fine. I`ll test in front of you before you buy.
700 for everything. Make an offer if you want something in particular.
This is what I`m selling---
1- Sunleaves Pioneer T5. It is an 8 bulb, 48" model. Works great and lights have two switches. Four bulbs for each switch, so you can run it at half or full lumens. Great for seedlings to transplants!
1 Hydrofarm 250W HPS and MH light. Comes with ballast, cords and vented hood.
1 600W HPS/MH lamps with vented hood. Hood also comes with silver insulation cover. It reduces heat in the room and thermal signature. It is a Lumatek digital ballast, so it is efficient, super quiet and energy efficient. Okay for 120 or 240V. 1 Sentinel HPH8 HID light controller
1 Sentinel CPPM-C02 controller
1 Kenmore elite dehumidifier. maybe 3 or 4 liter capacity, not sure.
A kit of bubble bags. a variety of microns sizes. 1-220 sediment bag. 1- 160 micron bag, 2- 73 micron bags, and 2- 25 micron bags. Can be used all together for maximum catch.

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Grow Equipment. Hydro, lights, dehumidifier, ect.
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