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Grow light and tracker


I purchased all of this in February 2013 from Berkeley Indoor Garden for some indoor bamboo I had planted. They ended up getting mealy bugs and weren`t doing so well so I planted them out back. I got Palms instead that don`t need direct light back in October. So this light system has had very little use. About 3 hours a day on average for about 8 months. There is a Yield Master II Classic 4" Reflector, a Galaxy transformer box thingy, a Hortilux bulb and the Light Rail Intellidrive 3.5 tracker with 78" rail. Everything is functioning perfectly. All together I paid $460 for this set up (I have original receipt). I would like to at least get $340 for everything but make me a reasonable offer and I`ll consider it. I have storage room for this until July so I`m not in a hurry to sell it.

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Grow light and tracker
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