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grow light/ballast/pots/plant food


Hello i have this stuff for sale.
Individual sale of each item
Or all together ill give u a discount.
Dont ask for more pictures because i wont give any more...if you want come take a look at the stuff anytime before 9am or after 7:30pm in Anaheim
250 grow light fixture
Not including light bulb $70
With hps and metal halide light bulb
$90 (1St 6 pics)
150 grow light fixture with hps light bulb $40
(7th 8th and 9th pic)
400Watt Ballast $70
(10th 11th and 12th pic)
Plant food rooting hormones for cloning bug killer and super thrive
Half full to almost full
With 4plastic pots 1 small ceremic pot for $20 (13th pic)
Or take everything for $150
I wont take any less so dont ask
I dont have change so dont ask
I will only accept cash
If interested call or text me.

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3485 Days ago

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
grow light/ballast/pots/plant food
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