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Grow Lights, Fans, Carbon Filters more


This grow equipment was donated to our non-profit homeless ministry after a bust by an elderly homeowner that didn`t know what else to do with it. Call for appointment to see it all. Includes:
4 Vortex 12" Powerfan
4 Carbon Filter Scrub fan Canister Type
1 Horti-Control LF-8 Box 8 Ballast Timer
2 Sunlight Supply Reflector 8"
17 HydroFarm 8" Raptor Reflector
19 Hortilux Eye HPS Grow Lamp Bulb
19 Xtrasun Grow Light Convertible ballast
miscellanieoius chords and plugs
Equipment is in great shape, lighting, filters and bulbs still in boxes. Take it all for this discounted price approximately 30% off new plus you don`t have hundreds of dollars worth of shipping!! I can deliver if you will cover my fuel expense in lieu of shipping costs.
Serious inquiries only please. Contact Larry @ two-8-one, seven-seven-2, six-five-8-3 to arrange appointment to see it. No questions asked but payment must be either certified funds made out to the homeless ministry or cash.

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Grow Lights, Fans, Carbon Filters more
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