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Grow Supplies, Lumatek Ballasts, Hoods, Dehumidifier, AC...etc.


Most of this gear has only been used for 1.5 years. I am no longer using any of this stuff nor do I plan on it in the future therefore it must go so I have room in my garage for a workshop. These are great deals for this stuff! I work untill 5:30 pm so please dont expect to get a response or pick up till after 6pm or the weekends.
(10) Cool tube 6" hoods $45.00 ea
(4) Xtrasun 6" hoods $60.00 ea
(4) 750 W 240V dimmable Lumatek Ballast $120.00ea still under 5 year warranty
(1) 1000 W 240V/120V dimmable Lumatek Ballast $150.00 ea still under 5 year warranty
(2) 2` X 4` 4 light T5 lights $60.00 ea
(2) CO2 tanks $60.00ea
(1) CO2 Regulator/Flow control $70.00ea USED ONCE LIKE NEW
(3) 50ft section of brand new 6guage wire, sized for sub panel to run 240V 8 light controller plus all peripherals in a room. $40.00 ea
(1) Diaphram SOLO Prob 4 Gallon Back pack pump sprayer, cleaned 3 times with IPA 70% and Hydrogen peroxide. $30.00
(3) 50amp GFCI circuit hot tub circuit breaker/sub panel. Perfect to protect yourself from any 240V wetness worries. $25.00ea
(1) Dehumidifier Solues Air $80.00ea
(1) window mount Sharp AF-S85PX AC $80.00ea
(1) Sunpentown WA-1210H Portable AC $80.00ea

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Grow Supplies, Lumatek Ballasts, Hoods, Dehumidifier, AC...etc.
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