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gt;gt; Complete Professional Indoor Hydroponic Grow System. Easy


5x5x7 Professional Indoor Hydroponics Ebb and Flow Grow Kit
with 1200watt HPS and 216watt T5 light.
* This Is a Fully Automated Hydro Grow Kit!
* Perfect For New Growers With Little Experience And a Easy Plug and Grow For The More Experienced!
* You Only Change Water and Add Nutrients in The 50 Liter Reservoir Once a Week!
(Set the Timer On the Control Bucket For it to Feed Your Plants Every 6 hours, Adjust The Timer for When You Want Your Lights To Turn On and Off)
This Grow Kit Saves You a Lot of Time and Research!!!
Costs Grow System
Ebb and Hydro System:
$500 ebb and grow sysem pots
$30 50 L reservoir
$250 ebb n grow controller/ Fully Automated
$50 25 L Hydroton
$37 one 340 G.P.H Pump (For Control Bucket)
$100 air pump with 6 outputs (2.47 psi)
$60 2 air stones
$35 20+ ft tubing for pots
$180 1200 watt Solis Tek digital ballast
$30 1000 watt Hurtilux super HPS grow light (for veg and flowering)
$140 Radiant 8" air cooled reflector
$150 216 watt T5 with 4 grow bulb`s
$130 4 bloom bulb`s
$20 4 straps ( for T5 light )
$10 2 Straps For (Radient and Reflector)
$30 8" carbon filter including hardware
$110 8" / 590 CFM / 2,500 RPM inline Fan
$20 fan speed controller
$20 Standing fan
$10 6 in 20 watt clip on fan
$70 35 ft ThermoFlo insulated ducting
$5 5 duct clamps
$200 5x5x7 LightHouse Hydro Tent with 2 side zip up doors and front window
$10 Temperature and humidity reader for inside and
$30 Checker by Hanna portable digital pH meter
$20 BlueLap Digital ppm pen (Informs you of nutrient levels in water)
$10 Pressure sprayer
$80 16 nutrients
$10 1 10ml Dropper (For Nutrients)
$13 Trellis netting
$7 Pins Wood clothespin (For Harvest)
$40 3 automated plug in timers (For the lights and inline fan)
$30 3 extension cords
With This Grow System You Can Grow Up To a Kilo and a Half Of !
Total Investment = $2427
Asking Only $1900 Obo For the Complete System
Moving Must Go!
Call (808)383 - eight 3 One 8
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gt;gt; Complete Professional Indoor Hydroponic Grow System. Easy
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