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High end grow equipment for sale, AC/DE, Trimpro, and more


Hi, I`m currently looking to liquidate some things I no longer have a use for.
First up is a sun system AC/DE reflector with a Gavita/Philips Mastercolor Pro Plus bulb. This has about two months on it and is in flawless condition. The bulb also only has two months on it and is rated at only 5% degradation after a year, so it has A LOT of life left in it. You do not have to change these bulbs every 6-9 months like regular HPS bulbs. This combo has the absolute most light output of any reflector and bulb combo on the market today. You cannot buy a setup that puts out more light. Unfortunately my ceilings are a little too low. Retails for $530, asking $350. These are basically brand new.
Next up is an iPower 1000w digital electronic ballast. This is the same design as the quantum and the apollo horticulture and is a good middle of the road ballast. It will run any regular 1000w HPS or MH bulb. It`s in flawless condition and has been used less than 4 months. It will fire and run the AC/DE and the double ended bulb, but for that you`d really want a gavita pro or the phantom designed for the double ended bulbs. I`ve upgraded all my ballasts recently so this is on the chopping block. Currently retails for $280, asking $120.
Next up is a Trimpro Original. Do your research, these things can rock it. I`ve done some downsizing and no longer need the horsepower. It`s a couple of years old but it`s in good shape. It shows a little wear but is 100% functional and works great.. Currently retails for $1595, asking $700.
And lastly I have a Trimpro rotor. This one is a little more automated than the original but you will experience some trichome loss. It`s not bad, but any potential buyer needs to know that the quality is not quite as good as a professional hand trim job. Read the reviews though, the rotor is about as good as it gets in this price range. This machine has less than 10 hours on it and besides being a little dirty, is in excellent condition. Currently retails for $1595, asking $700.
I do have pictures upon request. Serious inquiries only please. I will consider all reasonable offers but please do not waste my time and try to low ball me. I`m looking for cash, but would be willing to make a trade of some sort for a quality extractor. Thanks for looking.

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High end grow equipment for sale, AC/DE, Trimpro, and more
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