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High Power LED Grow Lights


Have some extra new and lightly used inventory that I`m selling at a huge discount!
Top of the line units better than 1000w HPS, and lasts 5X as long . Best LED grow lights available anywhere. Theses things retail over a thousand$ so save a bunch. Is is not uncommon to get over 200 grams off your first grow with one of these.
This is the only COB-Hybrid led grow light on the market. That means it uses both 90w and 5w leds exclusively. 5,800 PAR lumens.....bright as heck. 3 partitioned spectrums with individual dimmers for every growth stage.
Covers up to 4x4` area. Save over 50% on electricity. 370w @ 3.3A draw with a 600w led chipset
A lot of growers that supply to the dispensaries use these units. The bud density, growing speed, and yield are killer. 3 year warranty on parts and labor.
Also available is the 1200w model. Its twice the size for only $800! (covers 4`x6` area)
Lets talk about your growing conditions and get the top shelf flowing at your pad.
-All units are ROHS compliant and use the best 5w LEDs only
- 3 YEAR WARRANTY on all purchases. Easily get your light fixed for FREE !!!
- Cash + Pickup only. Current LED grow viewing available.
1200w ($800) -Top Shelf Series
600w ($500) -Top Shelf Series
300w ($220) -Pro Modular Series

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High Power LED Grow Lights
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