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Hydrologic Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier StealthRO 100 GPD


I have a Hydrologic Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier in Great Condition for sale. Lots of other indoor gardening equipment available for sale in bulk if you are interested, but this is the only item that is laying around. Please email if interested.
Asking for $100, $40 Below Average Blue Book Value of $110:
They are over $200 new
It was always run with a platter underneath for drips or accidental runoff but if I recall correctly there was no leaks except for at the faucet. It is a great piece of equipment and a must if you want precision control over your water`s quality / ppm.
Produce up to 100 gallons of purified water per day
Remove 98%+ of PPMs including chlorine, calcium, excessive minerals and other contaminants and toxins
Filter up to 100 gallons of water per day
Help prevent nutrient lock-out by knowing the water is clean and that plants are getting only certain elements
Comes complete with:
RO Membrane
Green carbon filter
Cleanable and reusable sediment filter
Automatic shut-off cartridge
Wall mountable bracket
In-line shut off valve
Water supply hookup
The unit hooks up to a standard ¾" garden hose fitting
Comes pre-plumbed with a 3:1 recovery ratio
Dimensions: 15" x 14"
This reverse osmosis system is designed to provide up to 100 gallons of purified water per day. This is great for household use as well as plant hydration. Running water through a reverse osmosis machine removes almost all of the contaminants and chemicals.
This water won`t bring any unwanted chemicals or additives to a plants growing environment and is a great "clean base" for mixing nutrient solutions. 100 gallons of pure water per day is enough to run most households or small and large growing operations. Replacement filters and membranes are available to keep clean water coming for years.
Unit Weight: 11 lbs

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