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Looking to see my COMPLETE grow set up. I was closet gorilla growing in closets and my kitchen. I have everything you need to grow your own hydro. I have early veg, heavy veg/early flower, and flower. Below is a list of all of my gear. I would like to keep it all as one package since its a complete grow room. If I start parting out I`m gonna have a bunch of random shit in my apartment. I also have about $250 in store credit at High Tech Garden off Quebec st. These guys are friends of mine and will transfer the credit over to you. They are also great at personalizing growing advice to each individual person. I`d definitely recommend them.
I think $2000 is very fair, considering it probably cost me well over $7000 to accumulate all of this stuff. I am open to trade as well. I like Canon DSLR cameras, maybe a 5D or a 6D or an L-series lens. Or I am looking for a newer Subaru WRX/STI (or another quick AWD car) with under 50,000 miles. Maybe we can take something off the price of the car. I clearly don`t use this stuff anymore so if you don`t hesitate to ask!
List of gear:
Two 4` x 4` Botanicare trays
One 70 gal Botanicare under-the-table reservoir
Two 40 gal Botanicare under-the-table reservoir
One 2` x 4` Botanicare tray
One 1000w Magnetic HPS/MH switchable ballast with HPS bulb
One 600w digital HPS ballast with MH conversion bulb
Two Air-Coolable hoods
Two 2` T5 lamps (early veg)
Three 6" high velocity inline fans
One 4" high velocity inline fan
Two CO2 tanks (Standard sized ones, I think it`s 20 gal but I technical specifications.)
Two CO2 regulators with hoses
One Light Rail (motor and rail)
Two Dust Shrooms (anti-microbal filters)
One inline booster fan
Two 10-gal potting buckets (great for mothers)
Ten 5-gal potting buckets
Twenty-four 3-gal potting buckets
Nineteen 1-gal potting buckets
Thirteen small clone or seedling starter
Two cloning trays and two domes
One Cloning machine and dome (needs new tip for motor)
Five 6" collars
Five 4" collars
Four yo-yos (for hanging lights)
Dual aerator with air stones
CO2 meter with temp
Approx 20-25` of black and white polyurethane
Eight timers
Three submersible hydroponic pumps including one to 1500 GPH pump
More nutrients then I want to list

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