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Hydroponic Chiller - Crushes Eco-Plus


I am selling off my entire grow room due to having to move. I have a ton for sale, so ask me if you are looking for anything specific. I likely have it.
This posting is for a DIY chiller system that was set up on my 100 gallon hydroponic system. It was able to literally keep the water at under 55 degrees if I wanted it to, without breaking a sweat. I had a 1/4 Eco-Plus and it didn`t stand a chance against this setup. It is more cumbersome than an Eco-Plus but absolutely kills it. I also had it set up with a manifold that allows you to cool your reservoir, epicenter, aeroponic cloners, etc... It has 4 additional connectors available on the manifold with individual shut off valves and flow control ball valves. If you had three systems running a total of 300 gallons, this would easy take care of it. You would just need an additional wort chiller coil for the other systems.
I built this with DIY plans I found on the internet and assistance from the poster. It uses a dehumidifier cooling coils and a stainless steel wort chiller coil. This will get you where you are trying to go at about 1/3 the cost. To duplicate the performance of this system, you would have to spend in excess of $600-$800 on a huge chiller. So if you are running into heat issues in your system, look no further. This will take care of it in about an hour.
This includes:
* dehumidifier controller and coils.
* Stainless steel wort chiller coil.
* All tubing
* Manifold with 5 shut off valves/flow control.
Let me know if you have questions. Email or text. I can call you back if you want to provide your number.

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Hydroponic Chiller - Crushes Eco-Plus
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