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Hydroponic equipment-Sentinel logic controllers


I bought a storage unit full of equipment. easily $5000 worth.
6-Hydrofarm 8"ducted enclosed hoods with 1000w HPS lamps
5-Phantom electronic dimmable 600w-750w-1000w ballast, MH and HPS all switchable
3-Vulcan 1000w ballast,1 is a switchable MH or HPS
1 lumatek 400w electronic ballast w lamp, 1 lumatek 600w electronic ballast
1 SENTINEL automatic temperature controller and 1 SENTINEL Co2 data logger and regulator
these SENTINELs alone cost $300-$500 each!
Co2 aluminum tank, 250 site aero cloner, and a 25 site aero cloner
50 gallon reservoir, 30 gallon reservoir, 25 gallon reservoir
Botanical trays, 2x4,2x3 with stand,3x3,4x8, water pumps and air pump
10 inch vortek inline fan, 2 very large carbon scrubbers, fan speed controller
8 light controller 60amp 120/240v
I have all this in the back of a storage other words don`t bother me unless you want it all!
I will only dig it out if your cash in hand. This is a lot of equipment, well worth the price. No negotiations, price is $1500 CASH

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Hydroponic equipment-Sentinel logic controllers
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