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hydroponic grow equipment, lights, ballasts, hoods, inline, etc.


Selling all my grow equipment, excellent condition, barely used, just about everything you need for a great set up! Prices are firm, I already dropped the price reasonably because Im trying to get rid of this stuff fast! Feel free to ask questions.
$2,100 for all.
Picture to come....
*=great deals
$125- 48 Sun Blaze T-5 *
$30- 400w MH hood/ magnetic ballast all in one
$75- 8`` A/C Hydrofarm Radiant Hood *
$25each 2- 1000w HPS Bulbs
$200each 2- 1000w Lumatek digital dimmable ballasts (Test ran only, screw marks only but new) *
$100each 2- 1000w UltraGrow digital dimmable ballasts (brand new, still in box)
Inline Fans:
$40- 6`` Windtunnel Inline Fan
$50- 4`` Vortex Inline Fan *
$50- 6`` Elicent Inline Fan
$40- 4`` Active Air Inline Fan
$25- 4`` 2ft tall Carbon Filter
$40- 6`` 2ft tall Carbon Filter
$30- 8`` Hepa Filter (Black) *
$5each 2-Timers
$20each 2-Fan Speed Controllers
$125- EZ-Cloner 30 Site (need new inserts) **
$50- 4x4x7 Hydrohut Silver Edition (broken zipper and taped a duct hole shut)
$40- 3x3x6 Secret Jardin DS90
$50- Commercial Air 5 Air Pump (8 outlets) *
$250- Helios 10 Light Controller (8 Light) **
$175- Multi-Flow Hydroponic System (only 9 buckets) *
$50- Hydroton and a lot of it....will bundle with bucket system
$40- 40gal Reservoir
$40- 4x4 Flood Table
$5each- Basket Net Pots for ebb n flow table
$10-20each- Water Pumps, various gph
$10each 2- Thermometers
Price TBD--- on Nutrients- Gen. Hydro Micro (1.5gal), Grow(.5gal), Bloom(2gal)
Price TBD--- on a Bunch of Flanges/Ducting/Reducers/Tape/Hoses/Hooks/Air Stones
serious inquiries only please, need a few days in advanced. Thank you

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hydroponic grow equipment, lights, ballasts, hoods, inline, etc.
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