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Some of you may have already seen my postings where we are selling our hydroponic equipment. We operated The Organic Garden located in Colonial Heights, VA where we grew some of our own veggies using this equipment. We would like to sell all as a bulk item, but have decided to sell the items individually if interested. All items have been thoroughly cleaned and are ready to use. The original kit came with 12 grow sites. We ordered an additional two to make it 24 grow sites.
Product Description:
This Flo-n-Gro® system comes complete with a 55 gallon food grade reservoir, twelve (12) 4 gallon grow sites and twelve (12) 3 gallon 360° mesh aeration inserts (WE ORDERED TWO ADDITIONAL GROW SITES). These mesh inserts promote lateral root growth and better aeration for the root zone. The complete system features Titan Controls® Oceanus 1 - Flo-n-Gro® controller. The kit includes tubing and fittings to hook up the system. The 3/4" tubing and fill lines improve water exchange and flow rates. Also included are two (2) dependable Maxi-Jet 1200 pumps. 125 liters of grow media will properly fill the 12 gro sites. Easy to use and simple to understand, you can set up the complete system and be growing in one hour!
If you want to check my other post, just type in - COMPLETE HYDROPONIC / HYDROPONICS SETUP IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT
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Hydroponic / Hydroponics - Flo N Gro / Oceanus 1
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