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Hydroponic indoor complete set


Complete Hydroponic set
Professional hydroponic equipment set ready to start growing in an extra room, garage, or shed. Ever wanted to grow indoors efficiently? This set of equipments is fully ready to go.
I`d prefer to sell this as a set, but am open to selling the equipment individually.
Full set includes:
4 top of the line Aircooled reflecting hoods with high pressure sodium bulbs included
(2x Magnum XXXL Reflector Largest Grow Light Reflector 2x HydroFarm Grow Lights)
3 600 watt digital ballasts
All ballasts are digital 600watts. (Digital ballasts give you an extra 200 Watts for free so you get 800 Watts total but only are charged 600 Watts worth of electricity.)
(3x Lumatek, 1 Quantum ballast)
(Each aircooled reflecting hood with ballast retails for $570 so all four hoods with ballasts retail would total $2280) Light bulbs retail for $80 each.
Vortex 8" Inline Fan for cooling the light hoods and the room simultaneously (747cfm retails for $239.16) 6" adapter included
4 Botanicare ID Tray, White, 4` × 4`(retail for $149.95)
70 Gallon Multi-Res Reservoir & Lid (retail $225.52)
Hydro-Logic Stealth 100 Reverse Osmosis Systems (retail 269.95)
Botanicare ID Tray, White 2` x 4` great for vegetative growth/clones (retail $84)
1 extra Hydrofarm aircooled hoods without ballasts (retail $225)
Miscellaneous: Digital pH meter, water pumps, air pumps, top of the line nutrients, cloning domes, timers, baskets, cups, fans, etc. (retail over $500)
Total retail value conservatively is $4200. Willing to part with everything for $2500 obo. This includes free instructions or help with planning out your room and how to use this beautiful equipment set from me the retired expert.

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Hydroponic indoor complete set
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