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Hydroponic Supplies- Sun System Air Cooled Reflector


Product Information taken from Sun System website:
The Magnum XXXL reflector is one of the largest reflectors in the industry. The unit includes tempered glass, a built-in socket and 15 ft lamp cord.
- Completely sealed, featuring gasketed glass and integrated retention bars to hold the glass tightly in place.
- 95% reflective German aluminum interior offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion
- Re-strike bend above the lamp for optimum performance
- Powder-coated galvanized steel body.
- Aerodynamic junction box improves airflow and cooling
- Maximum air cooling with built-in 6" fittings.
- 15` lamp cord
- Weighs 33.4 lbs
- For large orders ships 10 per pallet
- Included reflector hanging hooks
- New style of lense features a hinged reflector, with wire catches for easy cleaning.
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Hydroponic Supplies- Sun System Air Cooled Reflector
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