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. hydroponic TRAYS propagation trays OR balcony garden container


hydroponic TRAYS propagation trays OR balcony garden containers TRAY
I am selling 7 Botanicare trays. One 4 x 8 tray and Six 3 X 6 trays. Selling the 4X8 tray for $ 80 ..... and selling the 3X6 trays for $60 each ... Other then size. there all the same. The trays would make a great container for a roof top or large balcony garden container. the trays have two drain holes Note ( these items are large 4 X 8 feet And 3 feet X 6 feet and about 6 inches deep So it requires a truck or SUV with a roof rack to transport. These trays came out of a foreclosure. I am selling just what you see in the photos. I don`t know anything about there use or nomenclature. In Culver City 90230. Sorry , because of spam. I don`t return emails without a REAL phone number... Also sorry, I don`t text... In your response. Please include a day and time , you would like to check out the item. If this post is up. The Item is still available / for sale. . in Culver City 90230... near the 405 freeway.. 4 minutes South of the 10 freeway. ... serious inquiries only please
propagation tray white Botanicare Plant Energy Products
here are some links with info on the trays I am selling
4x8 ,../ ... ....

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. hydroponic TRAYS propagation trays OR balcony garden container
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