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Purchased everything needed for Indoor Cultivation, I do not need it anymore and am looking to sell.
All listed items were purchased from HTG supply in Taylor or SH Hydro of Ypsilanti about two years ago. If you know anything about growing you know this is all quality stuff. I have listed all retail prices, if you want to buy things individually please contact me about what you want and I will give you a price. All items are well maintained and in great working condition. I hate to get rid of all of my stuff but I don`t really need it anymore.
Please feel free to check out each shop to see specific brands or pricing
HTG Supply Products:
-600w Digital HPS/MH grow light with socket =$199.99
-HY Air Cooled Reflector for light =$149.99
-Quick Ratchet straps for reflector=$19.99
-MH/HPS bulbs (Used for two grows)=$69.99 each
-Agromax Grow Tent Medium with inspection window (47x47x79)=$185.99 (Never Used)
-6" 424 cfm fan=$100.99
-6" Duct Muffler=$59.99
-6" Tall boy Cabin Filter (Very Large)=$99.99
SH Hydro Products
-Bubbleponics 6 Plant Kit, with drain and built in thermometer(Comes With Manifold for water distribution)=$129.99
-Dual spectrum CFL kit (Bulbs + Hanger/Socket)=$79.99
-High output dual air stone=$79.99
-Quiet high volume air pump for stones=$39.99
-Sun Leaves PH Expert pen=$79.99
-PPM Meter=$79.99
-Rapid rooters (12 or so left)=$15.00
-Great White Mycorrhizae=$35.00
-All Clamps, Exhaust ducting (10-20ft Lowes)=$20
*If you are interested on bubbleponics or the SH products visit their website (Basically DWC)*
By Purchasing this you can literally plug, play and grow today. Install everything plant your plants and your ready to go. I`ve invested roughly $2000 it into everything over the years, my loss your gain. Whatever spare nutrients I have laying around I will give to whomever purchased this (~$50). I am firm on the listed price. Cash only, seriously inquirers only.

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