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Indoor grow equipment lots of good stuff


I have alot of like new grow equipment only used for 3 months mostly everything still in package with price tags. 
2 Blazer 6" DUCT hoods with hortilux 600w bulbs and 2 quantum series 600w dimmable ballasts all in original boxes with price tag, $200 each set or $350 for both sets.
1 sunblaze 4ft 8 bulb t5 in original box with price tags $150.
1 horticultural 4ft 8 bulb t5 $100
2 sunblaze 4ft 2 bulb t5 75 ea.
2 6" 435 cfm booster fans $100 each or $175 for both..
6" can fan $25.
1 blueprint co2 controller, 1 aura systems co2 regulator, 2 co2 bottles, $350 for all.
1 fridgaire 50 pint dehumidifier $140.
1 4x4 grow tent in original carrying case with directions. $100.
Ppm/ph combo pen $100
Ppm pen with temp. $60
ph pen needs battery`s $40
10 pairs of rope ratchet sets $50
If you want like new equipment without the ridiculous hydroponic store prices this is the Lot for you, I paid around $2600 dollars for all of this equipment, what I`m asking is very reasonable. Feel free to make me an offer.
Text me if interested
420 grow prop 215 hps grow light high pressure sodium t5

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Indoor grow equipment lots of good stuff
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