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Looking to boost your yields or grow the biggest darn tomatoes, even in the middle of winter? HPS and MH bulbs have been known to produce the highest yield, and I`ve personally seen great results vs. the other forms of light, simply because they produce a spectrum the plants really need. I have several indoor growing supplies, I`m currently downgrading because I simply don`t have enough time to use all of them. I would prefer to keep most of it together instead of selling it piece by piece, make me a reasonable offer and I will consider it.
Secret Jardin DR90 grow tent, measuring 36" wide x 36"long x 6` tall. No tears or punctures, small amount of rust on a few of the cross member bars. Retails for $225, asking $160.
(2) C.A.P. XXXtreme 8 1000 watt compatible hood, nearly new, measuring 30" wide by 40" long. 8" ducting attachments, in great condition! Retail $280 apiece, asking $225 apiece.
(2) 1000 watt Eye Hortilux HPS bulbs with approximately 3 months of use (average lifespan approximately 1 year. Retail $130 apiece, asking $95 apiece.
1000 watt Eye Hortilux HPS bulb, brand new in box. Retail $130, asking $125.
Lumatek 600 watt Digital ballast (HPS or MH compatible) with approx. Two years of use. Retails for 280, make offer.
Eye Hortilux 600 watt MH bulb, used approx six months. Retails for 140, asking 100.
Quantum 1000 watt Digital ballast (HPS or MH compatible), with approximately 8 months of use. Retails for $350, asking $280.
C.A.P. Nextgen 1000 watt digital ballast(HPS or MH compatible), brand new in box. Retails for 400, asking $350.
All ballasts include necessary cords to wire for 110v. Will do the whole setup for $1300 obo. Also have tons and tons of 8" and 6" ductwork, make me an offer!

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Indoor growing/gardening supplies
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