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Kessil LED H150 Full Spectrum Grow Lights. Brand New. 2 of them for sale


Brand new Kessil H150 Purple Full Spectrum grow lights. I paid $156 plus $17 shipping for each one. I`ll take $90 for one of them or $160 for both. Read specs below.......Kessil H150 Full Spectrum Grow Light Deep Purple. Buy with confidence as I have a 100% Perfect Seller Rating on EBay under Clints-deals. Comes with a one year warranty. Read below for information on these great lights that I personally use for my tomato plants with great results! Authorized Dealer. One year WARRANTY through Kessil. Precision
Thousands of research and test hours on multitude of plants and environments used to determine optimal spectral points for both blooming/fruiting and support throughout a growth cycle.
Intensity and Penetration
Rivals the light intensity of a 150 watt HPS bulb, with light concentrated into a single point source mixing color into a precision tuned spectrum before it leaves the light. Dense Matrix LED™ technology enables the most powerful penetration and widest spread in its class, with quality light reaching well below a plant`s canopy.
Slim design and compact size make it possible to work in your garden with minimal shading and without the lights being in the way.
Rugged cooling technology ensures consistent light output while using far less power and producing much less heat than traditional lights throughout its long life.
Product Spectrum
General Purpose, Special Penta-band Recipe
The PURPLE model is a general purpose LED grow light that can carry many different kinds of plants through the whole growth cycle. This special penta-band recipe combines five different types of red and blue LED chips to create a spectrum that works for every stage of plant growth.

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Kessil LED H150 Full Spectrum Grow Lights. Brand New. 2 of them for sale
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