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Large recirculating Aquponic System - Tilapia


Up for sale is our large recirculation aquaponics system! It is a 275 gallon IBC tote, a 55 gallon vortex filter, 55 gallon bio filter, and 4`x8` Deep water culture grow tank. The grow tank is set up with a raft to grow 220 plants (We have been using it for lettuce, mesculin, spinach). We have had it indoors for almost 2 years now.
It is currently running and in use. The setup includes EVERYTHING. I do mean everything.
I currently have about 20 - 1lb Tilapia living in it and will give you the 40lb bag of tilapia feed with it.
I`ll include a 4` 4 bulb T8 grow light with the system in case you want to grow indoors.
I will also include all of my water quality test supplies (Nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia), PH buffer solutions, Rockwool cubes, etc.
This is a setup to transfer to your house/garage/property and START GROWING clean, organic food for your families. No chemicals. No fertilizer.
My family has been eating Food for over a year grown in this system. We stagger our crops about a week apart and always have fresh lettuce and spinach. It only takes about 3 weeks to grow full sized.
I have thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into this system. Everything is plumbed and runs perfectly and professionally. No leaks or issues.
It will take two full sixed pickup loads or a large trailer to transport all of this equipment. I am available to help disassemble and load it up on Tuesday 12/9. Please call me with any questions!

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Large recirculating Aquponic System - Tilapia
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