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Lot of Hydro Equipment for Small System. PRICE REDUCTION


Large lot of grow equipment for a small hydroponic system. All equipment, including bulbs, have only three months of use time. My tomato and herbs garden was taking too much time from my schedule. I had to relocate my business (warehousing) and packaged these up a while ago and now I need to make some room!
The only component that this system is missing are trays for hydroponics. Other than that, this is fairly plug and play. There are a few freebies that you can sell for extra cash included, but everything offered will be sold as a lot. Some of this equipment is even brand new in the box.
Please only serious inquiries with cash on hand. Thanks for your interest!
1x CAP Xtreme GreenHouse Controller XGC-1
-control temperature, feed pumps, humidity, lighting as well as a Fuzzy Logic (ppm) controller for Co2 dosing!
-Had this unit recalibrated from the factory simply because I was planning to store the unit, worked amazingly well before calibration!
-For more information:
3x 600w Galaxy Electronic Ballast (HPS)
2x Xtrasun8 8" Flange (Brand New, In Box)
2x HydroFarm Grow Light 1000w
1x RD Luminaire Series 1000w
1x Phresh Carbon Filter 36" x 12"
3x 600w Mogul with 10` cords
2x 1000w Sylvania LumaLux Bulbs (HPS)
2x 600w Ushio HiLux Gro AHS-600/Opti-Red Bulbs (HPS)
1x Homemade Stealth Box with dual 600CFM inline fans
Plus miscelanous items like pots, cubes, BNIB insulated flexible ducting (8") etc. All these items are currently stored in a professional moving crate, it is yours with the deal if you`d like it. Perfect for forklifting (we have a forklift) into the back of your truck.
$600.00 Loaded onto your Truck
Plenty of value here, very fair price. The green house controller alone is worth $500.00

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Lot of Hydro Equipment for Small System. PRICE REDUCTION
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