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Lumatek 1000w Ballast LumenMax Reflector Hortilux 1000w HPS Bulb


In the next few days i will be posting a TON of grow equipment. I no longer have any use for it and am liquidating it for quick sale. I am willing to give a HUGE discount to anybody who is willing to buy in bulk.
I am willing to Deliver from Scotia to McKinleyville depending on how much you buy. I am posting complete descriptions of what i am selling and providing lots of pictures so there should be NO confusion.
I do not have time for people to come "Check out" what i have and kick tires. I can give you a complete list and pictures of everything i am selling and i am more then willing to deliver anything that you wish to buy. I guarantee everything i am selling and will offer a complete refund for anything not exactly as described.
Prices are pretty much set, but i am negotiable if you are buying more then a few items. I am willing to work with you but DO NOT low ball me or WASTE my time! NO TRADES - CASH ONLY!
If interested contact me via e-mail or call/text me any time at

Up for sale is 8 complete ballast/hood/bulb setups. These setups are in GREAT shape and work perfectly. I am asking $150 per ballast/hood/bulb and first priority will go to anyone willing to buy all 8 for $1,200.

Dimmable HPS/MH Ballasts
These ballasts were only used for a couple runs and work perfectly with no defects. They are dimmable to Super Lumens, 1000w. 750w and 600w. They are in great shape and come with all cords.
(8) Sunlight Supply LumenMax Reflector Hoods
These hoods are made of high performance 95% reflective German Aluminum. They have the highest output in their class. They are designed to perfectly illuminate 4`x4` areas. They have a powder coated and rustproof frame and come with a chin system installed for mounting. They are super lightweight (3.7lb with socket) and measure 14.5"x14.5"x5.3"
(8) Eye Hortilux Super HPS 1000w Bulbs
The Super HPS is the most productive High Pressure Sodium grow light in the industry. Pretty much if your not using Hortilux bulbs, your using the wrong bulbs period. These bulbs were used for about 6 months and still work perfectly and have plenty of life left in them.

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Lumatek 1000w Ballast LumenMax Reflector Hortilux 1000w HPS Bulb
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