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Lumatek air cooled 1000


Optional selectable dimming levels at 400W, 600W and 1000W levels. Boost your output 10% by switching to 1000SL. When changing to a reduced power option, the Slow Start Transition System in the Air-cooled gradually adjusts the input wattage so as to reduce bulb shock, increasing the life of your lamps.
The LK1000AC Air-Cooled 1000W digital dimmable ballast for MH or HPS lamps
Electronic ballast for 1000W HPS or MH lamp
Single whisper quiet fan
Voltage: 120V/240V 50/60Hz
Current: 8.92A/4.46A
Input power: 1060W
Output power: 1000W
Power factor: >0.99
Voltage range: 108 to 264V
THD: <8%
Lamp CCF: <1.7
Operating frequency: high frequency
No audible noise, no flicker
Env Temp: -25 to 50°C (-13 to 122°F)
Enclosure temperature rise (Δt): 35°C (95°F)
Env IP require: >IP23

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Lumatek air cooled 1000
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