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Lumatek Digital 1000watt ballasts with Adjust a Wings grow stuff


I have 3 digital ballasts with large adjust a wing reflectors, I also have 1 magnetic ballast with a large adjust a wing reflector. I also have a sentinel light controller with a digital timer to go along with it and a copper wire worth more than 50 dollars so, $190 for it. I have also a large charcoal intake filter with a 6 inch rim and a fan to go along with it that all goes together for $ 250 picture 4. I also have 2 150 watt hps lights that are excellent filler lights or veg lights $100 with bulb each picture 5. The next picture is of a 400 watt light with a magnetic ballast and low quality reflector $120 picture 6. Hanging drying rack worth $40 picture 7. sulfur burner for fungus control with sulfur $80, hydrologic small boy water filter $65 picture 8. Clone trays and domes with cloning gel $80 picture 9, two submersible pumps $ 30 each picture 10, finally some nutrients worth around $200 all together will sell individually. send me an email with a number to talk to me about some of these fine items on offer. I do have 4 hps bulbs and one magnetic bulb for the 100 watt and 2 hps bulbs for the 400 and one for the each 150 watts. Make me an offer for all or some come take a look if you would like

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Lumatek Digital 1000watt ballasts with Adjust a Wings grow stuff
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