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Lumatek Digital Ballast / Reflectors - Dual 600w


Used dual 600 watt ballast with 2 reflectors and 2 cordsets. Everything is in perfect working order. Comes with cordset adaptors so you can use any cordset you`d like. One of the cords has been repaired after it was accidentally knicked while routing the wires.
Twin dial-A-watt dimmable E-ballast have unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling. Completely pre-wired with popular BAREF lamp cord. Up to 20 percent more lumens, faster growth, bigger harvests. Internal resin coating protects components for long life. External breaker system protects against power surges. Completely silent, 3 years full and 2 years warranty. 240-Voltage, maximum amperage 5.5 and maximum wattage 600. This product weighs 14-pound. This e-ballast is a performance leader. Powers both metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps.
MSRP for the ballast is $340
MSRP for the reflectors and cordsets is $40 each

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Lumatek Digital Ballast / Reflectors - Dual 600w
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