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Must See Grow equipment


I have over $2600.00 dollars worth of new equipment some of it is still in boxes.
I have two stealth grow cabinets professionally made by Super Closets in California. They have all of the required components in each(to much to list) one to grow 6 plants to full maturity in each closet. I paid $1400.00 for both. The cabinets lock and are light proof and odor proof.
One professional C02 regulator and valve.
One 6` X 6` grow tent
One inline 6" fan. Up to 400cfm.
One LED Grow Light (Pictured with Tent) Very nice light. About 6" X 12" dimensions.
Advanced Nutrients plant food. ($150.00)
I want these items gone and will not sell separately. All or nothing. This is priced for a quick sale.

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Must See Grow equipment
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