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NEW 8 Horizon Binary Air-cooled reflector


This is pretty much the best air-cooled reflector hood you can buy for your grow. 8 inch flanges for maximum airflow. Unlike most cheaper reflectors that just have an un-sealed pane of glass at the bottom of the hood, this reflector actually has an eight inch cool tube built in. This means you have a totally sealed environment and aren`t wasting fan power moving air through the entire hood.
This is an excellent deal on a brand new, in box, top-of-the-line reflector. As an example, inferior hoods sell for $250 at the hydro store in Newport.
Reply by email or text. $100 cash takes it. Meet in a public place. Thanks for looking!
P.S. I also have a new Hydrofarm Phantom 750w switchable/dimmable electronic ballast for sale. $175 for the ballast and reflector and you will have a top of the line grow system for way less than you could buy either component for. Asking $120 for the ballast by itself.

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NEW 8 Horizon Binary Air-cooled reflector
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