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New in Box - Grow Tent - 48x24x60 100 Reflective Mylar Hydroponics


Brand new in box grow tent.
48"(L) x 24"(W) x 60"(H) (4ft x 2ft x 5ft) REFLECTIVE HYDROPONICS GROWING TENT. Our new and latest Reflective Interior Mylar grow tent helps you achieves the very best climate for your in-door hydroponic plants `growth. Our dark room grow tent is highly reflective; complete Non-toxic, waterproof and extremely heat insulative, perfect environment for indoor cultivation. Can be constructed and display anywhere such as living room, bedroom, loft, garden shed or even garage. Our Hydroponics tent is suitable for all beginner and veteran gardeners.
PRODUCTION INFORMATION: 48"(L) x 24"(W) x 60"(H)(4ft x 2ft x 5ft) Reflective Hydroponics Tent
Tent Exterior: Black 600D Polyester Nylon Plastic Lined Grow Tent
Tent Interior: 100% Highly Reflective Water-proof Mylar
Highly Reflective Non-Toxic Waterproof PVC Plastic.
Removable Waterproof PVC Plastic Floor Tray
Built in Heavy-Duty Zippers and Velcro, Which Makes it Easy to Assemble and Disassemble.
Multiple Ventilations: (2) Top Circular Vents, (1) Right Circular Vent, (1) Left Circular Vent, (2) Back Circular vents.
(3) Receptive Air Ventilation with Flaps Located on 3 Different Sides of the Base of the Grow Tent.
Side Pockets for Storing PH Meters
Metal Rails for Lighting Equipment.
Strong Powder-Coated Framework with Flexible Plastic Connectors
Light-proof Material: Prevent Light from Entering or Exit for Controlled Light Cycles.
Removable Roof Cross Members which Makes it Easier to Adjust Lighting and Accessories.
Compatible with 400Watt, 600Watt and 1000W Grow Lights Set up
EASY CONTRUCTION: Quick and Easy to Assemble and Disassemble, Less Than 15minutes and No Tools Required
Extremely Lightweight and Easy to Move Once Constructed
Special Plastic Tube Joiner Allowed Assembling the Tent Frame in Minutes.
Metal frame: High Quality Metal Frame has been Designed Which Simply Push-Fit Together.
Quality Steel Rails to Hang a Grow Light From the Frame in the Top of the Grow Tent Steadily
PACKAGE INCLUDES: (1)Polyester Nylon Plastic Lined with Reflective Grow Tent
(1)1 Set frame
(1)Removable Water Proof PVC Plastic Floor Tray
(1) Assembly Instructions
I also have 400 watt grow lights for $125, 600w grow light systems for $165, 1000w grow lights for $225, 48" X 48" X 78" inch tents for $145, and 77x77x77 inch tent for $225.
Email or call/text: 413 - 543 - f!!ve tw0 n!!ne s!x

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New in Box - Grow Tent - 48x24x60 100 Reflective Mylar Hydroponics

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