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NEW Grow Tent 32x 32x 63 - NICE 100 Reflective Mylar GREAT QU


I`m very proud to introduce to you to this BRAND NEW GROW TENT (32"x 32"x 63") WITH 100% REFLECTIVE MYLAR (BEST ON THE MARKET! )
Tent Exterior: Black 600D Polyester HEAVY DUTY STUFF!
Quality Steel Rails to Hang a Grow Light From the Frame in the Top of the Grow Tent Steadily.
It`s the newest and latest Reflective Interior Mylar grow tent that helps you achieve the very best climate for your indoor hydroponic plants growth and yield! This dark room grow tent is highly reflective; complete Non-toxic, waterproof and extremely heat insulative, perfect environment for indoor cultivation. It can be constructed and displayed anywhere such as your living room, bedroom, loft, garden shed or even your garage.
32"x 32"x 63"
Reflective Hydroponics Tent
Tent Exterior: Black 600D Polyester
Nylon Plastic Lined Grow Tent
Tent Interior: 100% Highly Reflective Water-proof Mylar
Highly Reflective Non-Toxic Waterproof PVC Plastic.
Removable Waterproof PVC Plastic Floor Tray
Built in Heavy-Duty Zippers and Velcro, Which
Makes it Easy to Assemble and Disassemble.
Multiple Ventilations
Metal Rails for Lighting Equipment.
Strong Powder-Coated Framework with Flexible Plastic Connectors
Light-proof Material: Prevent Light from
Entering or Exit for Controlled Light Cycles.
Removable Roof Cross Members which Makes it Easier to Adjust Lighting and Accessories.
Compatible with 400Watt, 600Watt and 1000W Grow Lights Set up and ALL LEDS!
(1)Polyester Nylon Plastic Lined with Reflective Grow Tent
(1)Removable Water Proof PVC Plastic Floor Tray
(1) Assembly Instructions
I buy and sell grow equipment, therefore you can trade in your unused equipment to go towards anything in my inventory!
If you have any questions or are in need of any grow equipment please call or text me at
Thanks and God bless. Chad

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NEW Grow Tent 32x 32x 63 - NICE 100 Reflective Mylar GREAT QU

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