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New Hydrofarm Grow Light Sunburst 250W HPS/MH Convertible


Sunburst 250W HPS/MH Convertible
Add the Sunburst grow light reflector to your grow room for quiet operation, value pricing, and sturdy design. The Sunburst is a ballast and reflector in one unit. It will deliver more usable light energy for maximum plant performance and operate at cooler, quieter levels than any other compact system on the market.
25% brighter for faster growth
Quieter with ISO-mount technology
Air cooling options
Includes instructions, hangers, and lighting recommendations
Add a bulb of your choice, sold separately
CSA certified
250 watts, 2.5A, 120V, 60Hz
Runs HPS or MH bulbs
Reflector dimensions: 20-1/8"L x 13"W x 7"H
Comes with a 250 Watt Venture Whitelux Light Bulb
A cost effective switch from orange-yellow HPS light to a clean, white metal halide light.
Fixture was $190+tax and bulb was $81.95+ tax. Total $296.43. Still new. Half off!
Call/text/email me if interested.

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New Hydrofarm Grow Light Sunburst 250W HPS/MH Convertible
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