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PAX Portable Vaporizer


*did my post really get flagged? are you serious? Im looking for a trade!
i have for you a good condition PAX vaporizer with sleek black case and matching 3 stage grinder "Got Vape" and cleaning brushes. I got these individual accessories to add style to my PAX. It`s a great device and truly is convient to burn your herbs on the go. It`s also pretty effecient, its oven chamber entirely and equally heats up to desired temps. There are 3 temp settings to adjust to your liking. Motion sensitive device that has multiple functions in a sleek sexy look. But you probably already know this if your looking to buy one. The mini grinder is perfect for that on the go setup your looking for. Im mainly interested in trading for specific equipment. the following:
*A growtent in good condition
*inline fan 6" 400+ cfm etc, (if you have a speed controller thats a big plus)
*Carbon Filter
If you have an inline fan, a grow tent, carbon filter, or possibly another combination of the sorts let me know! $150 or trade, send me pics of items if serious. All listed items for sale will be sterilized and fully cleaned. There is minor wear and dings little dink marks. 9/10 condition for $150. Can send high quality pics. I am Compliant under H&S 11362.5, Prop 215 & CA SB 420 and most likely you are too. Regardless these items for sale will be sterilized of any "material". Have a good one!

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PAX Portable Vaporizer
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