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Perfect for your shed grow Aeroflo hydroponic 120 site system


Perfect for your shed grow! Aeroflo hydroponic 120 site system
This is a Aeroflo 60 aeroponic system complete with pump and 60 site extension making it 120 sites and is a great growing system for a fast 60 day clone to flower grow.
Includes the aero flow 60 extension system which expands this system to 120 sites
Only used once! We have 4 systems and it`s just too many when they are producing in 60 day cycles for our small operation.
Grow maximum yields with this General Hydroponics AeroFlo 60 hydroponic system! Featuring 60 plant sites and a generously sized 40-gallon Panda reservoir, this hydroponic system offers legendary growth and yields. Clay pebbles, CocoTek liners, and 3-inch grow cups are included to help you get started. Growers have two configuration options: all the grow chambers to one side for a smaller footprint, or staggered from side to side to accommodate larger plants. Let your garden expand and blossom quickly with this AeroFlo 60 hydroponic system today!

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Perfect for your shed grow Aeroflo hydroponic 120 site system
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