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Portable KwiKool Commercial Air Conditioner


I have 2 of these AC units. Great for prop 215 grow operations. Each unit can handle 3000-4000 watts of high-pressure sodium lights.
Kwikool Commercial Portable Air Conditioner - 13,700 BTU w/ a manually emptied condensate tank
This Kwikool Commercial Portable Air Conditioner model KPAC1411-2 features 13,700 BTU of power in a true commercial portable air conditioner. For industrial use, server rooms, warehouses, and more, a commercial portable air conditioner offers sturdy construction, reliability, and an array of useful features. If your business, warehouse, or server room needs more cooling, why go through the expense and hassle of installation on a permanent air conditioner that you will have to leave with the building? A commercial portable air conditioner can provide the powerful and reliable cooling that you need, and you can take it with you when you leave.Additionally, commercial portable air conditioners can provide flexible cooling solutions. They`re great for emergency cooling when standard air conditioning fails, spot cooling areas that need more cooling, and more! Best of all, when you don`t need the extra cooling anymore, simply roll the commercial portable air conditioner away!This Kwikool commercial portable air conditioner is part of the KPAC line of commercial portable air conditioners. The KPAC series of commercial portable air conditioners is an economical solution for basic cooling needs. KPAC series commercial portable air conditioners are equipped with advanced features such as microprocessor controls, I/O integral condensers and heavy duty insulated cabinets. KPAC series commercial portable air conditioners were designed specifically for the cost-conscious business consumer, and to provide an affordable alternative to the "spot cooler". KPAC series commercial portable air conditioners work great for spot cooling, supplemental cooling, and most cooling applications where sophisticated controls and high-end features are not needed.
Due to the technical nature of this product please call their customer care specialists at
They can answer any questions about these units. I am not an AC expert.

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Portable KwiKool Commercial Air Conditioner
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