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Rapter Dual 8- 1000w Grow System


Selling Complete Grow Light System! ALMOST NEW (3 months old) and in perfect condition! Selling for $420. and would cost over $600. to by online.. The hood is the best available! A Rapter Dual 8". This accommodate one or two 1000w lamps (includes 2 sockets). The ballast is an Xtrasun switchable hps or mh 1000w capability. The lamp is an 1000w hps Hortilux and is the best on the market. The 8" inline fan is also from Hyrofarms and moves 471cfm. Digital timer, 25` of 8" duct, and exhaust vent included as well as original box. Works great, the results are incredible, and its ready to start up a crop! ! Send me a reply with name and number and I will give you a ring... Thanks..

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
Rapter Dual 8- 1000w Grow System
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