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Secret Jardin Hydro Hut DR240W Grow Tent


A lightly used tent that perfectly accomodates 2 600W HPS lights. Very good quality, tough zippers, will not rip.
The DR240W II is the next generation hydro tent and among the most popular.
Upgrades include:
210D fabric has 2.5x tear strength and 3x the abrasion resistance.
Webbed interior fabric for better light proofing.
Increased light proofing to Level II.
Newly engineered corners- 3x more robust than old DR corners.
Hook-IT included
Black floor mat.
A Dark Room is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining. The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. DarkRooms can be assembled without tools, in minutes, by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage.
Dimensions: 96" x 48" x 80"
Stronger and more durable than previous DR models
Portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble
9 total ports: 2 for extraction, 2 for intraction, 3 for cables, 2 for cool tubes
Waterproof tray in bottom.
Strong, lightproof zipper
The DR240W II measures 120cm x 240cm x 200cm and features:
Strong, easy to use roof support system capable of supporting up to 40kg
Stronger, highly reflective, light-proof and washable Mylar lining
-New engineered corner pieces that are three times stronger than before
-Two sealable and removable 30cm x 30cm ventilation flaps
-Cable access ports at the top and bottom
-Two 250mm top vents
-Top of the line grow tent for cost, unless you feel like spending an extra thousand and going with gorilla hut, this is the best I have ever owned. Unfortunately where I am moving doesn`t have the same liberal position on indoor growing. to see it in action. the DarkRoom240W or WIDE can be made to have a veg and flowering room or two veg rooms or two flowering rooms, a cloning room and veg room, the possibilities are endless.!!!
I also have 2 1000W Lumatek digital dimmable ballasts
4 Centrifgual fans
Mondo reflector-50
botanicare hydro tub-retail 250 - $75
tons of new nutes some never opened only the best quality
Happy to negotiate!

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Secret Jardin Hydro Hut DR240W Grow Tent

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