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SMALL Secret Jardin Propagator Grow Tent w/ Grow Light


Get those seedlings and cuttings properly propagating in a Secret Jardin DarkRoom DP90 (36" x 24" x 36") Propagator. The DarkRoom DP90 Propagator is a self-contained growroom that is specifically designed for propagating. Like all DarkRooms by Secret Jardin, the lining is reflective on the inside and has numerous access ports for equipment, along with a full zipper for ease of access. The lining is also durable, lightweight, and washable. The frame on the Propagator is reinforced so that it can hold equipment. The tray bottom on the DarkRoom Propagator is waterproof.
Level 3 Lightproofing
5 tubes concept: Easy assembly and best quality
Increase of the tubes thickness from 0.5 to 0.6mm
Plus 19% rigidity
Stronger and transparent new plastic corners
WaterTrays made of Mylar
Accessory StrapIT include
***Comes with 150 watt Florescent Grow Light and hood!
****I barely used it, in almost brand new condition!

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SMALL Secret Jardin Propagator Grow Tent w/ Grow Light

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