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Spinner Hydroponics - Hydro Spinner units


I have 2 hydroponic spinner units that I have used for the last year. They are very reliable and work great. I am only selling them because I and selling my house and moving my grow to a large greenhouse. These units are great for starters to pros. They are plug and play so once you set them up they have everything you need for your first grow. They produce 1-2 lbs per unit. Great yields are close to 2 lbs. The lights are 600w so they will easily produce over 1 gram per watt so they are very efficient and energy savers.
Whats included:
Spinner unit (compete with all tubes, brackets, and wheels)1600 each, I have 2
600w Digital ballest (All working Great)
600w Digilux HSP Bulbs ( I have like 6 of these and they all have 2 grows on them )
20 gallon water reservoir ( I have 2, One per unit )
Technaflora Nutrients ( Total package, I have enough for at least 1 grow, maybe 2)
4" Inline fan with carbon filter ( Work great when connected directly to the units )
A ton of other random stuff that will come with.
I will be will we sell the units separately but I will not part them out and sell the other stuff without the sale of at least one unit.
These units are currently stacked on top of each other and take up a 5x5 space in my garage. They are a little over 6ft tall.
Serious buyers only. Send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.

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