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Stainless Steel Grow Room


Looking for an inexpensive start to your new growing business?
I have a variety of units with great potential for your new business.
These are secure, movable, easily delivered and have a low initial investment cost.
I have some that have stainless steel interior walls and ceilings. These were designed for food storage and transport. They can be pressure washed inside, and the stainless steel provides a very nice reflective material for your lighting needs.
The insulation factor on these is R31. You would be very hard pressed to insulate anything else for the price you can easily purchase one of these for.
I also have standard units that can have the interior painted white, or other highly reflective paints (light reflector score of 84 and higher.)
The standard units will not have the insulation factor, but they will bring the initial costs down.
Email me for more information on how you can get started with your growing business.

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Stainless Steel Grow Room
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