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Stealth Grow SG602 LED 1000w Grow Light


Used only 3.5 months. Switching to an even bigger setup, all new and dialed in, so some stuff is up for grabs. This is Equivalent to a 1000W HPS. I have grown along-side 5 1000w`s with equal success, and it uses half of the energy consumption of a 1000w. I was very meticulous in checking the energy usage. Runs with no heat emitted which translates to no heat burn and more light penetration than with the 1000Ws. Purchased for $1600 new.
Wattage -- 600 Watts; actual power draw 350 watts* 1.5 amps @ 220V; 3 amps @ 110V
Spectrum of Light - 455-475 nm, 620-630 nm, 660 nm and bright white
Effective Area of Coverage -- 4` x 4`
Lifespan -- 50,000-100,000 hours
Dimensions -- 13" x 19" x 4"
Number of LEDs -- 270
LED Chip Power -- 2 and 3 Watt Hi-power LED Chips**
Switchable between 110/240v
Also have grade A+ 420!! SEARCH "(5o3) Six79-7974" to see the other grow equipment I have for sale.
I am willing to meet along I-5 between Corvallis and Portland.
Call (5o3) Six79-7974

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Stealth Grow SG602 LED 1000w Grow Light
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