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SunBlaze T5HO-24 4-bulb CFL Grow Light w/ Bulbs


I have a like-new T5HO 24" Sunblaze 12x24 4-bulb fluorescent grow light fixture. I have used it for indoor plants with tremendously successful results.
There are aluminum reflectors to enhance performance and it is coated to prevent excessive heat.
It has an outlet on the side with which other lights can be attached without use of a power-strip and it has sturdy covered-wire loops for setup. The cord is 12 feet long and is helpful for a larger spread.
The bulbs are included but have been used. They all work and they`re cheap whenever replacement is necessary. I used the last bulbs for 6 months straight before one went out.
The Ebay list price is $117 so I roughly cut it in half. Here`s a link to the listing.
Let me know if you are interested. For $15 extra I can include 2 4ft Metalux 120-V 2-bulb lamps.
Serious inquiries only. I have two jobs and am offering an extremely low price because I need extra Christmas money and I don`t need the lights. They are fully functional, in near-perfect condition, and let`s be honest: why would you need to "come see them"? If you are actually interested I can meet with you briefly and you can plug them into an outlet, try the attached outlet, inspect the cords, etc.
Otherwise, don`t contact me and then jerk me around like every other person I`ve ever tried to sell anything to on Craigslist.

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SunBlaze T5HO-24 4-bulb CFL Grow Light w/ Bulbs
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