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I have as follows:
One Kenmore dehumidifier
Two T5 44 Sunblaze with bulbs
Three T5 48 Sunblaze with buls
Five wall mount fans (brackets included)
Two small heating mats for cloning
One large heating mat for cloning
One large tiered drying rack
Two bags of 1" plugs (free)
Seven sets of Sungrip hanging hooks
Three Apollo 8 timers
Two Intermatic Time-All timers
Eight different kinds of fiskars
Two glass droppers, Four plastic droppers (free)
Four different sized measuring glasses, 1oz, 4oz and two 16oz
Three different kinds of magnifiers, 420Scope 60x-100x, 45x, 100x
One bluelab truncheon EC/PPM/CF with 5 year warranty
One PH1 Eco tester with 5 year warranty
Fourty 6" rockwool covers
Two Ecoplus digital temperature/humidity wall mounts
Five rockwool 2"x1" (free)
One Model 2 Utility pump-115volts-396
One Hanna temperature monitor system
Four EcoAir pumps- two with two outputs, two with four outputs
One Blue stone General Hydroponics pump with four shut off valves, industrial
Thirteen air stones of different sizes
Black and clear hosing for running pumps to airstones (free)
Couple Dozen Hydro extensions, stoppers, and draining for tables (free with trays)
One Phresh filter 10" Exhaust with controller
One 10" Vortex with 10 year warranty
One 10" elbow extension and wall mount (free with Vortex and Exhaust)
One industrial TrippLite Powerstrip with twelve plugs
Two Sunblaze T5 24" with bulbs
One Hydrofarm grow light 120v, 6400k
One Black Botanicare Hydro table 4x8
Two Black Botanicare Hydro tables 4x4
One Black Hydro Table 3x3
Two Black 50 gallon reservoirs
One Black 100 gallon reservoirs
One hundred 9"x9" hydro baskets
Ten bags of Plant It! hydroton
Eighteen feet of 1" black tubing
One i5000 Scale
~I paid over $6,000.00 for everything listed above easy. Half of that would be three grand. If someone will take everything in one swoop I`ll even drop the price to possibly 2500.00. I would rather not separate things, I`d like to get rid of all together and all at once. All or none please. The free stuff is only given to whomever buys. This stuff has gotta go, need the room. In great condition, Only went through one run. Hope to hear from you soon

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