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Travel camper converted into vegetable grow room


My boyfriend completely gutted this 25 ft skamper travel camper down to the bare frame and rebuilt it with plywood wrapped in denny foil, formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation, Styrofoam wall insulation (used for walls and ceiling), bamboo flooring,3 brand new ceiling vents and everything covered in denny foil, including windows ,which is also a VOC barrier. The original plan was to make it into an indoor organic garden which its completely able to be used as, but due to a family emergency we need to move and are unable to take it with us. The outside does need some work and isn`t in the best shape but nothing that couldn`t be easily fixed with someone that`s handy. However,the inside is solid and in excellent condition. It does need tires and they would need to be replaced before it could be moved.
If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to ask.I paid $4,000 total for all the renovations but due to the fact that im looking to sell quickly im asking $2,500 obo. Thanks.

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Travel camper converted into vegetable grow room
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