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Trim Machine EZ trim Satellite


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The EZTRIM Satellite is hands down the world`s best leaf trimmer. Not only is it faster and quieter than any tunnel trimmer but with its superior adjustability, the Satellite guarantees unsurpassed trim quality regardless of the strain. The Satellite`s patented triple filtration system will also separate and triple filter your leaf for processing, providing you greater yields without the mess. The Satellite is proudly made in the USA and comes with a one-year warranty.
How it works:
Operation- Your product enters the Satellite through the lid on top. Directly below the grate is the cutting blade and below that is a fan blade. The fan blade generates both suction and an air vortex. The vortex, in combination with the thin, silicon, rotor fingers gently move and roll the product along the grate without any tearing or damage to the flowers. As the flowers pass over the beveled cutting slots in the grate, the suction pulls the leaves into the spinning blade trimming and depositing the leaves into the filtration system below. Once you determine the flower is sufficiently trimmed (30 seconds to 1.5 minutes), you lift the chute gate and the product exits into the chute assembly on the front of the machine.
Elements of Control:
Blade Speed / Airflow -- There are three settings for the speed of the blade: low, medium and high. Increasing the speed of the blade will also increase the airflow (suction and vortex). The airflow can then further be adjusted by opening and closing the lids/vents on top of the machine. With the lid(s) open, there is more suction pulling the leaves through the grate. With the lids closed, there is more vortex moving the product around the drum. Based on the density or leafiness of the flowers and the variances between strains, you will find different blade speeds and/or lid positions are more effective in one instance over another.
Rotor -- The rotor contains 4 sets of soft, flexible, ¼ inch, food-grade silicon fingers that assist in the movement of the product over the grate. It is mounted to a variable speed/reversible motor that allows you to adjust the rotor speed to match the desired airflow.
Blade Adjustment -- The depth of the blade can be adjusted on-the-fly to accommodate different strains. Simply adjust the four knobs at the base of the motor mount for the trim setting you desire.
Cycle Time -- The patented combination of vortex and rotor technologies gets the job done quickly delivering cycle times as low as 30 seconds. Shorter cycle times equals less damage to your product.
Unlike the other commercial trimmers on the market, the Satellite provides complete control over the amount of time your flowers are inside the machine. We recommend running smaller batches (2-3 handfuls) for shorter periods of time to reduce any potential for damage. Using this method, you will trim greater volumes in a shorter period of time while generating better results and the machine will stay cleaner longer -- requiring less maintenance and downtime.
Triple Filtration System -- The Satellite`s triple filtration system consists of 3 separate bags each with a different micron count. Through the process of trimming the leaf (especially very frosty leaf) many of the trichomes become dislodged from the leaf fragments. In conjunction with generating air flow and suction, the fan blade also agitates and disperses these free trichomes (kief) and leaf fragments, separating the various sized particles into the filtration bags. As you trim, the innermost bag with the largest micron count captures the larger leaf fragments. The middle bag catches the smaller leaf particulate and the outer bag captures the majority of the loose kief dislodged from the trimmed leaf. After several hours of trimming, there is nothing but nearly pure, fine kief in the outer bag. You can then take these three grades of byproduct and further process them as you so desire.
Dry Sifting -- There will still be a significant amount of trichomes on and amongst the trimmings in the innermost and middle filtration bags, one method for harvesting the rest of the trichomes is a process called dry sifting. Once your leaf has dried for a few days (be sure to spread it out nice and thin so that it does not mold), it can be manually sifted back through the system. This is also true of the product in the outer most bag. When the trichomes are wet they will not pass through the outer bag, but when dried they can be filtered through the outer bag to produce and even finer grade of kief.
The dry sifting method is shown in detail in the

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