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x2 600w Digital MH/HPS with 6 Cool Tubes


I have 2 600w Ipower dual digital ballasts that run both bulbs, metal halide and high pressure sodium. Ive used these for about 6 months and they have been my favorite ballasts ive owned. extremely quiet, no buzzing, and very cool running. Included are 2 600w metal halide bulbs and 2 high pressure sodium bulbs for whatever type of growing youd like to do. I had mine setup in a 7`x7`x7` tent and it filled it out perfectly and the 600w bulb gives you the most amount of lumens per watt compared to a 1000w. also comes with a pair of 6" cool tubes and removable reflector wings. lighter weight than big glass screened hoods. each cool tube has a pair of yo-yo hangers for easy and secure adjusting. a timer and tri-tap plug are being thrown in to get you going as well.
email me with any questions or for a phone number.
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x2 600w Digital MH/HPS with 6 Cool Tubes
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