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1000W Lumatek Digital Ballast


1000W Lumatek Digital Ballast - 120/240V
Used 4 months, Like New condition. This is the good heavy duty one not the new cheaper ones.
Latest Revision Lumatek Digital Ballast - Now Dimmable!
New Dial-A-Watt Feature:
More than a dimmable ballast, the new Dial-A-Watt Lumatek ballasts allow you to power a multitude of different wattage lamps on the same ballast, giving gardeners total control of their light. The 5th generation Lumatek ballasts were designed to give gardeners the ability to tailor their light output to their particular needs and to control the amount of electricity they use. Both the input and output power of the ballast is changed when you select different settings.
When you set the dial to 400W on a 600W Dial-A-Watt Lumatekâ„¢, the ballast performs exactly the same as a regular 400W Lumatekâ„¢ ballast and only consumes 400 watts of electricity. This a great feature for gardeners that want to use a 400W MH lamp for the vegetative phase of growth and then switch over to a 600W HPS lamp when it`s time to bloom.
Super Lumens Switch:
Provides up to 10% more light at the turn of a knob.
Lumatek makes the only dual-voltage eBallast available that produces the same lamp power when used on 120V or 240V. This is a major advantage considering that a typical dual-voltage eBallast losses as much as 15% of its output when used on 120V. All Lumatek models are generator ready and are capable of being used on 208V power.
$220 and i`ll throw in $50 in coco (3 new bales).

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1000W Lumatek Digital Ballast
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