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400w HPS Grow Light , horticulture equipment


I have some used (and some NEW!) indoor grow equipment that I am interested in getting rid of, please don`t hesitate to contact. This includes a 400w HPS Sunlight Supply Co. Ballast and Ventilated Reflector Hood , 2 400w HPS bulbs (1 New in box), XL activated carbon filter, propagation tray, 4" ducting materials, and used Mylar paper. (Will throw in randomly or can discuss an individual price if necessary)
Please make offers so we can have immediate sale! I would like you to come get these things from me, if you`d like specific pieces or are even interested in all, please contact me with your offer as well as your availability and questions. . Thanks.

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3458 Days ago

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
400w HPS Grow Light , horticulture equipment
WashingtonDC 20017
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